About Us


  • Effectively regulate liquor in the Western Cape


  • Creating an enabling environment for the optimal regulation of the liquor industry in the Western Cape
  • Maintaining sustainable partnerships with all relevant stakeholders to assist in the reduction of alcohol related harms

The Western Cape Liquor Authority comprises of:

  1. i.    The Liquor Authority Governing Board;
    1. As provided by section 6A of the Western Cape Liquor Act, the Governing Board has the powers and functions conferred or imposed on it by the Act, must manage the business of the Authority and may exercise the powers and must perform the duties conferred or imposed on the Authority by the Act or any other law, excluding powers or duties conferred or imposed specifically on the Liquor Licensing Tribunal. As provided the Governing Board is responsible for policy, macro management and control in respect of the Western Cape Liquor Authority. The units reporting to the Governing Board are the Liquor Licencing Tribunal and the Chief: Executive Officer as head of the administration.
  2. ii.   The Liquor Licensing Tribunal;
    1. As provided for at section 20 of the Western Cape Liquor Act 4 of 2008 as amended, the Liquor Licencing Tribunal has been established to consider and make a final decision regarding:
      • Any application for a licence referred to in section 33(1) of the Act;
      • Any application for the transfer of a licence in terms of section 65(9) of the Act;
      • Representations for or against the granting of applications;
      • Any report lodged with it by a designated liquor officer, an inspector or a municipal official;
      • Any complaint lodged with it regarding the conduct of a licensed business;
      • Representations by a licensee or other interested person regarding the rescission of the suspension of a licence or the removal or amendment of any condition imposed upon a licence; or
      • Any other matter referred to it by the Chief Executive Officer or which it may or must consider in terms of this Act.
    2. The Liquor Licensing Tribunal may determine, suspend, revoke or amend any condition imposed by it with regard to the licence concerned. As provided at section 52 of the Act, the Liquor Licencing Tribunal approves or rejects the appointment of a natural person as a manager at a liquor outlet.
  3. iii.  The Liquor Appeal Tribunal;
    1. The Western Cape Liquor Act, 2008 as amended provides for an Appeal Tribunal which may set aside any decision of the Liquor Licencing Tribunal. The Appeal Tribunal must consider any appeal against, or an application for the review of, a decision of the Liquor Licensing Tribunal. The Appeal Tribunal may confirm, amend or set aside a decision or order that is the subject matter of an appeal or review and substitute such decision or order as the circumstances require. These appeals must be heard as if it were an appeal to the High Court against the judgment of a magistrate’s court in a civil matter and any rule applicable to such civil appeal applies, with the necessary changes.
  4. iv.   Administration
    1. a)  Office of the CEO
      1. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the head of Administration, and is responsible for ensuring that the Western Cape Liquor Authority performs in terms of its financial and administrative responsibilities. The CEO is accountable to the Governing Board.
    2. b)  Liquor Licencing Administration Component
      1. The Liquor Licensing Administration component is responsible for the administration of all new, secondary, special and temporary liquor applications in the Western Cape for consideration by the Liquor Licensing Tribunal. This component is also responsible for the issuing of annual renewal notices to all valid liquor licence holders in the Western Cape.
    3. c)  Advocacy and Stakeholder Relations Component
      1. The Advocacy and Stakeholder Relations component is responsible for communication, education and stakeholder relations. This component is also responsible for the marketing and branding of the Authority.
    4. d)  Inspectorate and Compliance Component
      1. The Inspectorate and Compliance component is responsible for monitoring and enforcing compliance of the Western Cape liquor legislation.
    5. e)  Business Support Component
      1. The Business Support component is responsible for providing support services in terms of registry, financial management, human resource management and information technology.











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