ii. How many licences per category in the Western Cape?

Licence Type i.t.o. Western  Cape Liquor Act

No. of Licences

Consumption Off


Consumption On


Consumption On & Off


Micro Manufacture Off


Micro Manufacture On & Off




iii. How many licenses per District?


No. of Licences

Cape Metro


Cape Winelands


Central Karoo






West Coast




iv. What do I need to have on my premises when visited by the police or liquor licence inspector?

Please note that as a liquor licence holder you should always display:

  1. Original Liquor Licence or a copy thereof.
  2. Up to date Renewal Notice and proof of payment.
  3. When your business is a Close Corporation (CC) or a Private Company (Pty Ltd) you need to display proof of Appointment of a Manager.
  4. Clearly mark a Restricted Area in bold-faced, upper case letters at least 5 cm in height and in black lettering not less than 0.5 cm wide.
  5. The name of the premises, type of licence issued, trading hours and licence number must be displayed on the front door or window of the licensed premises, in characters not less than 5 cm in height.

v. What are event liquor licence and a temporary liquor licence?

  • Event Liquor Licence – Any person or entity who intends to sell liquor at an event or occasion for a short time period must do so with the necessary approval.   Such person or entity can apply for an event liquor licence. You have to apply 39 days before the first day of the event.
  • Temporary Liquor Licence – Any person in the possession of a Liquor Licence can apply for a temporary liquor licence. An example will be where you would like to serve liquor outside your licenced area.  You can than apply for a temporary licence to do so.

vi. What criteria are considered for granting liquor licences?

The Liquor Licensing Tribunal or Presiding Officer, as the case may be, may not grant a licence, unless it or he or she is satisfied on a balance of probabilities that—

  1. the granting thereof is in the public interest;
  2. the applicant is of good character, and not disqualified from holding a licence in terms of section 35 of the Westerns Cape  Liquor Act 2008 as amended;
  3. the premises on which the sale or consumption of liquor will take place are or will upon completion be suitable for use by the applicant for the purposes of the licence;
  4. the applicant has the right to occupy the proposed licensed premises (this does not apply for a licence for the sale of liquor for consumption on or off the premises upon which liquor is sold); and
  5. the granting of the application does not prejudice—
  • the residents of a residential area;
  • the residents of an institution for the aged or frail;
  • the learners of an educational institution who are under the age of eighteen (18) years;
  • the patients of an institution for drug or alcohol related dependencies; or
  • the congregants of a religious institution located in the vicinity of the proposed licensed premises.

vii. How many categories of licences in the Western Cape?

Four licence types, excluding temporary and event licences. These licences are:

  • Micro-manufacturing for on and off consumption — a licence for the micro-manufacturing and sale of liquor for consumption (drinking) both on and off the premises where the liquor is sold.
  • Consumption on — a licence for the sale of liquor for consumption (drinking) on the premises where the liquor is sold.
  • Consumption off — a licence for the sale of liquor for consumption (drinking) off the premises where liquor is sold.
  • Consumption on and off — a licence for the sale of liquor consumed (drank) both on and off the premises.

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